Looking to Purchase a Home?

New or Resale. Denny Stone can help you get the best deal possible. Real Estate Agent Denny Stone is an expert negotiator and with his Alliance Partners your transaction will be handled with service you can trust and the professionalism you deserve.

Why Denny Stone- REO Foreclosure Services?

What Denny Offers

Denny Stone Realtor® offers several plans, services and programs to assist you in your real estate needs. These plans and services provide you with the leading edge in the marketing and/or purchasing of real estate in today's volatile residential market. These plans and services offer you the utmost in flexibility and affordability while providing you with the foundation and security to realize the most out of your real estate dollar and fulfilling your real estate and financial goals.

The Clearwater Florida Foreclosure Market

The Clearwater foreclosure market has seen a sharp increase in the competition to purchase them. You need a real estate agent that knows the foreclosure market. Denny Stone maintains a working relationship with institutions and companies that are tasked with the disposition of their non-performing assets. He has access to foreclosures in Clearwater and the surrounding cities. He provides his buying clients with an extra edge that most real estate agents can't offer. If you wanted to get a deal done, wouldn't you want to be talking to the real estate agent that represents the seller or to an agent who then must communicate your points to another agent that then communicates to the Bank?

Selling Your Home?

As for selling your home. Gone are the worries about whether you are receiving all the services that a real estate agency may have available. Say goodbye to paying for services you never received or worrying that the home down the street received more marketing than you did, but paid the same amount of commission. Each one of his clients receives all the services selected or provided for in the plan selected. Denny Stone Realtor® even provides you with a Quality Control Check Sheet so that you can verify and check off the selected services as they are completed.


Denny Stone, "Your Clearwater, Florida Real Estate Connection!"